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هاي تكنولوجي للخدمات الصناعية والمقاولات والتوريدات العمومية والدهانات الالكتروستاتيك

العنوان : امتداد المنطقة الصناعية السادسة بعد الشرقية للدخان مخازن الشباب 300متر قطعه رقم 224

رقم التليفون : 01281417700

رقم الوتساب: 01222919412


Hi Technology for Industrial Services and Contracting

  • Hi Technology for Industrial Services and Contracting

  • High Technology for industrial services, contracting, general supplies and electrostatic paints.

  • High Technology is subsidiary company of Treatment Group of Companies that is pioneer in the field electrostatic paints.

  • More than 25 years of experience in electrostatic paint work, integrated contracting and metal works.

  • Electrostatic paints for all metal types, there is a section equipped with basins for chemical treatment, washing, and for large sizes ovens, Germany spray guns for high quality painting and speed of production – the quality of your product will be according to what was requested.

  •  Specializing in metal coloring, electrostatic paints and supplies for all facilities such as (factories - hotels - villas - schools - commercial malls - restaurants - hospitals - universities) and others.



  • Manufacturing and painting wire shelves for cookers, pot racks and refrigeration units.

  • Manufacturing and painting all stands types for (laboratories, factories, companies and supermarkets)

  • Painting auto parts, car engine base, ambulance cars and 3 wheel rickshaw parts.


Raising the efficiency of architectural facilities in the integrated metal and architectural part of the Urban Communities Authority

  • Chandeliers fabrication & coating

  • Manufacturing and painting of all packaging and batteries boxes types.

  • Manufacturing and painting sterilization doors.

  • Manufacturing all metal guide signs types.

  • Manufacturing and painting dental laboratories and medical laboratories.

  • Metal supplies for facilities (roads - bridges - integrated buildings - railways)

  • The company also carried out some integrated contracting works such as:

  • Constructing metal structures and buildings, manufacturing project caravans, metalworking, blacksmithing and iron works, iron fences for gardens, iron gates and balustrades and coating them with zinc-rich primer powder as well as aluminum windows and doors.

  • Supplying hotels and tourist villages with metal furniture.

  • Manufacturing tents and metal umbrellas.

  • Manufacturing and painting all kinds of baskets and metal trash boxes.

  • Lockers for sports clubs and medical laboratories.

Company profile

  • El Tiriaq factories

  • Goldy

  • Universal

  • White Point Al-Abed

  • Unionaire


  • Power Service

  • El Fajr for Cooker Manufacturing

  • Top Jazz for Cooker Manufacturing

  • Mega Home Appliances Company

  • ATA Company for fans and home appliances

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